quarta-feira, 26 de junho de 2013

New building to host LCFT/ITA near completion

A new building to host the Computational Transport Phenomena Laboratory - LCFT at ITA will be completed in the next quarter. A total of 10000 square feet of state-of-the-art office building will be devoted to Modeling and Simulation studies applied to Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer problems in an environment entirely covered with high-speed wireless communication. The laboratory provides a new research facility for Undergraduate and Graduate Students developing their Theses under the Department of Energy IEM-E of ITA. Visiting Faculty and Post-doc Research Associates are also expected to compose the research team at the new building. This new facility will provide office space for studies involving CFD, CHT, HPC, Turbulence Modeling, High-Fidelity Numerics, Advanced Heat Technology, Porous Media, Multiphase Flow, Heterogeneous Systems, Combustion Modeling, Advanced Energy Systems and Renewable Energy Sources. An auditorium attached to the building will host events such as Workshops, Seminars, Colloquia, among others. Students and Visitors interested in developing their research work at this new facility are encouraged to contact lcft@ita.br